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10 Best LLC Services Based on Practical Experience (2024)

The LLC is ideal for many individuals who have started businesses since it provides asset protection and a flexible structure. Nevertheless, establishing an LLC is a lengthy and arduous undertaking. Therefore, you can rely on the best LLC services near you to maintain your LLC.

There, in comes professional LLC services. In this article, I will introduce you to the best LLC services that assist people who intend to form their LLCs with excellent efficiency and reliability.

We have researched a couple dozen of LLC services. I have used some practically; the others were derived from Forbes Advisor.

Here are the top 10 LLC companies in the USA:







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1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness is a top LLC service company that aims to make starting and growing a business easy and affordable. 

They offer a variety of solutions to help entrepreneurs form and manage their LLCs, including business formation, registered agent service, annual report filing, and more.

Why Choose ZenBusiness?

  • Their exceptional support ensures that you receive the assistance you need, giving you peace of mind.
  • Their continuous service is available for an additional cost of $199 per year when signing up with them.
  • They have a reputation for being reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. 
  • ZenBusiness provides comprehensive solutions to meet your LLC needs.
  • Apart from business formation, they provide an array of additional services that support ongoing business operations.

2. LegalZoom

The company LegalZoom has made a lot of waves in the matter concerning the provision of online legal services. Having assisted many entrepreneurs for quite some time, LegalZoom has several benefits, including LLC formation.

It offers reliable and experienced help to ensure your firm is established correctly and has legal confirmation.

Why Choose LegalZoom? 

  • Legal process outsourcing – reputable service.
  • Beyond these essential services for forming an LLC, trademark registration and legal counsel are included.
  • For more complicated legal matters, there is a network of competent lawyers.
  • Twenty-four-hour customer service with an assurance of excellence.

3. Incfile

Incfile is famous for its user-friendly website, which makes it great even for first-time founders. I have previously hired Incfile for an economical way. In this case, this company has received numerous positive feedback. 

Incfile will help you go through all the necessary legal prerequisites. They will guide you through filing your papers to the state, making it easy even for an entrepreneur. So, anyone can start up their LLC quickly without any hardships.

Why Choose Incfile?

  • Wide variety of cost-effective packages.
  • User-friendly platform that has a straightforward interface.
  • An exclusive panel to monitor your LLC formation process at your fingertips.
  • Responsive customer support and prompt turnaround times.

4. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is the best choice for an entrepreneur’s requirement for a more in-depth legal platform. 

Besides the LLC formation services, Rocket Lawyer provides entrepreneurs with a wide range of legal documents and templates that enable them to cater to all their legal needs under one roof.

Why Choose Rocket Lawyer?

  • They have an extensive library of legal documents as well as business templates.
  • Legal services, including access to on-demand legal advice from seasoned lawyers.
  • It is a user-friendly platform where one can easily customize documents and add electronic signatures.
  • Options for monthly membership for continuing legal assistance.

5. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings, LLC is one of the leading names in the industry that provides quality customer care and hassle-free documentation filing processes. 

Their excellent customer support is another benefit of picking Swyft Filings. Therefore, their in-house experts are ready to respond to any queries and problems related to setting up an LLC in New Hampshire. They take you step by step, giving you a stress-free time.

Why Choose Swyft Filings?

  • Swyft Filings provides various LLC formation packages depending on a variety of businesses.
  • You will get filings and registration of formation documents, name availability searches, licensed registered agent services, and many more compliance management tools.
  • They are not too expensive either and thus a perfect solution for prudent entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Swyft filing provides expedient filing services. They also proposes ways to speed up processing documents for those with more critical time constraints.

6. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the leading option for entrepreneurs who prefer to receive one-on-one assistance of unparalleled quality of customer relations. 

Additionally, this LLC service offers help during the formation process, besides acting as a registered agent who helps you avoid missing critical legal notifications that may affect your company during its lifetime.

Why Choose Northwest Registered Agent?

  • Dedicated, personalised, and individually oriented customer support.
  • Therefore, an excellent registered agent service will handle all your legal correspondence.
  • Pricing with no hidden costs.
  • A Solid Commitment to Data Privacy.

7. BetterLegal

BetterLegal is one of the most accessible LLC formation platforms you will find in the market, BetterLegal, is relatively straightforward. BetterLegal’s web-hosted service allows you to complete the LLC formation procedure efficiently. 

BetterLegal allows for quick filing times with understandable descriptions of state legal requirements. They also have a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee; hence, you are assured of being helped when necessary.

Why Choose BetterLegal?

  • There are no hidden costs and straightforward pricing.
  • The platform is easy to navigate and has excellent usability.
  • Rapid response times, as well as top-notch customer service.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee.

8. Filenow

A website nowadays where one can quickly create an LLC is Filenow. With Filenow, you get the best of an experienced team taking care of your LLC formation process. 

In addition to that, they are offering business services like trademark registration, getting EIN, and many others.

Why Choose Filenow?

  • Handling all your LLC formation services by a highly skilled and competent workforce.
  • Affordable but customizable package pricing.
  • Business Solutions that extend beyond incorporation.
  • Excellent customer support.

9. Inc Authority

Inc Authority is a well-known online LLC formation service. With the help of Inc Authority, creating an LLC becomes prompt and easy by furnishing valuable data at every point during this process. 

Customer service and support at Inc Authority is top-notch. To this end, it ensures you get every detail about information and help.

Why Choose Inc Authority?

  • Offering affordable pricing and different LLC formation packages.
  • An easy and friendly platform.
  • Professionals ready to give you helpful guidance when making decisions on behalf of an LLC.
  • Exceptional customer service and support.

10. Business Anywhere

Business Anywhere provides extensive LLC-related services to enable firms to start and run their LLCs efficiently. 

However, the all-inclusive LLC formation packages of Business Anywhere are outstanding. I have bought their packages where they incorporate all the vital services. This includes document preparation, filing, registered agents, and continuous compliance. 

They also offer other supplementary features, including EIN acquisition, a template for operating agreements, and accessibility of their compliance management toolkit.

Why Choose Business Anywhere:

  • Business Anywhere provides specialized service delivery to their customers.
  • They open doors to a pool of specialists who will hold your hand through the whole procedure of founding an LLC and assist with anything necessary. 
  • Business Anywhere has robust compliance management tools.
  • They provide you with an expansive dashboard so that you don’t miss the deadlines and critical forms and filing. It keeps you in harmony with state and federal authorities.

How to Choose Best LLC Service?

When choosing the best LLC service provider, there are several key factors to consider:

How to Choose Best LLC Service

Experience and Reputation

Seek out an experienced company creating many LLCs. Ensure you find out their reputation by reading the reviews.

Services Offered

Examine various kinds of services offered. Overall, a full-service organisation for an LLC should provide formation help to an entity.

Customer Support

Make sure you choose a supplier with trustworthy customer service. They should be readily accessible and ready to answer you quickly.

Pricing and Value

Evaluate various service providers’ price policies and packages. Ask about their pricing and see if they provide valuable services that merit paying for them.

Additional Resources

Check if the provider has additional ones, like materials for educational purposes, guides, and tools that will be of great assistance to you.

Why Use an LLC Service?

Starting a business can be overwhelming in the beginning, especially regarding legal and administrative tasks. This is where an LLC service comes in. By opting for an LLC service, entrepreneurs can receive expert assistance in navigating the complexities of forming and managing an LLC. 

These services provide valuable support in filing necessary paperwork, managing compliance requirements, and ensuring legal compliance. 

Moreover, an LLC service can save time and reduce stress, allowing business owners to focus on their core operations, strategy, and growth. 

Whether you’re a new startup or an established business, an LLC service can streamline the process, making it an appealing choice for entrepreneurs.

When to Choose LLC Services?

Choosing the proper business structure is vital to a company’s success. Many entrepreneurs often debate whether to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) when starting a business. 

An LLC offers several benefits, including liability protection, flexibility in management, and potential tax advantages. However, starting an LLC can be complex and time-consuming. 

This is when an LLC service becomes beneficial. An LLC service can save entrepreneurs time as they handle the paperwork, legal requirements, and filing process. 

It allows business owners to focus on what they do best – growing and managing their business.

How Much Does an LLC Service Cost?

The cost of an LLC service varies depending on the provider and service types. Prices generally range from around $50 to $500. Basic packages typically include the preparation and filing of necessary formation documents. 

In contrast, more comprehensive packages may include additional services such as registered agent representation, document storage, and ongoing compliance support. 

Some LLC services offer a la carte options, allowing entrepreneurs to customize their service packages based on their needs. 

It’s essential to evaluate the pricing structures, compare service offerings, and consider each option’s long-term value and benefits before choosing an LLC service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LLC formation service, and why do business owners need it?

LLC formation service providers provide help during the formation of an LLC. They deal with paperwork, filings, and compliance matters, leaving business owners enough time and assurance of legal compliance.

What is the price range for LLC formation services?

The price for forming an LLC differs by service center and quality. Basic packages start at $49 monthly; the top level is about $300.

Does an LLC formation service offer a registered agent service?

Yes, most LLC formation services offer registered agent services as they are included in their bundle. LLCs need registered agents who deliver legal and tax documents that may come from the service provider upon selection.

Alex Johnson is a seasoned author specializing in LLC formation intricacies. With a wealth of expertise, he navigates the complexities of Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) adeptly. Through Best Company Formation, his insightful guidance demystifies LLC creation, offering invaluable advice on costs and crucial aspects.


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