LLC Expenses Cheat Sheet

LLC Expenses Cheat Sheet 2024: How It Can Help?

Most people are scared of LLC expenses. It is true that an LLC will provide incredible asset protection services and privacy. However, its maintenance and registration costs seem to be high for small business owners. No worries! I have included the LLC expenses cheat sheet here.

Your business expenses category will decide your LLC expenses cheat sheet. You can not deduct personal expenses for your LLC. However, you can deduct other costs like business travel expenses, office supplies, home office strategy, depreciation, charity, self-employment taxes, and others.

Stick with this article to learn the ins and outs of the cheat sheet to deduct your LLC expenses.

LLC expenses cheat sheet is a list of expenses that will help you with business finance. 

This cheat sheet will give you pass-through entities where you can enjoy payoffs between 10% to 37%. You can reduce the deductible tax rate by cutting off the business expenses.

The purpose of this cheat sheet is to help you better understand your business. It will introduce you to the business expenses category-wise. Then, you can know which expenses are costing you the most. This will make it easier to save business finance.

Purpose/Importance of the Cheat Sheet

  • A cheat sheet will help you understand your business better
  • You can plan a long-term business plan with a cheat sheet
  • You will save a lot of money. On average, a good cheat sheet for your business can save up to $100k in a year.
  • You will get to know which factors that need to be focused on in your business
  • Tax season will be hassle-free for you
  • You can manage your small business without a huge finance department.

What Are Business Expense Categories?

Before you plan your cheat sheet for LLC expenses, it is essential to learn about business categories. 

Every business has to maintain individual departments to manage employees, production, and customers thoroughly. And business costs are unbounded. 

Suppose, you are travelling for a meeting to get a client, it will be added under business travel expenses. Besides, some other categories that are important but can be deducted are business neal, advertising, utilities, and labor.

There are other LLC expense categories such as debt, interest, legal fees, depreciation, home office, salaries, and others. 

Every business is different and you must know how to plan your own LLC cheat sheet to function smoothly.

Small Business Tax Deductions: A Cheat Sheet

Remember, you can cut off the cost but not the entire business expense category. Each category is essential and has its own goals. The cheat sheet will reduce the burden for you. 

Go through the cheat sheet with the description:

Business Category


Things to ensure


Business Travel Expenses

You can deduct costs with the help of an LLC in terms of booking flights, hotels, and tips. Train tickets, car rental services, parking tickets.

The trip is a must outside your business's primary area.

Form 1040

Business meal

Meals at business meetings for employees and clients can be 100% deducted.

Ensure LLC service with every detail of the meal restaurant, costing, and client.

Form 1040

Business Interest

You can reduce your business interest from 300% to 100%. If you use your business bank accounts, you will enjoy a huge amount of deduction. 

Do not forget to have a separate business account of the business.

Form Schedule C


You can save up to 100% while hiring freelancer/ independent contract labor for your business.

The independent labor you are hiring should serve the business purpose only.

Form 1099-MISC


Things you are doing to promote your business are free.

Inform the LLC service with advertising details.

Form Schedule C


You can save 100% of your business expenses with insurance premium services. These can be included as commercial property, liability, fire, medical services, flood, and other natural disaster related losses of the business. 

The insurance service must be related to your business.

Form Schedule C

Salaries And Business Benefits

Salaries, wages, bonuses, commissions, and training assistance for the employees can be covered.

The employees can not be members of LLCs and sole proprietors. 

Form W-2

Home Office

You can reduce your to $5 per square foot by turning your office into a home. The idea of a home office is incredible. IRS allows up to $300 square feet area and deducts a lot of expenses. You can check the other deductible item lists as well.

Any room in your house that serves as both an office and guest room or dining room is not eligible.

Form 8811


The expenses incurred for running your business including phone, internet, power, water, and heat bills can be deducted from your tax returns.

The utilities must be related to your business purpose strictly

Form Schedule C

How to Write Off Business Expenses?

You can write off the business expenses by following the list. Here I will mention these steps:

  • The first step in writing off LLC business expenses is to keep thorough and accurate records of all expenses related to the business.
  • Make sure to classify each expense correctly according to the IRS guidelines.
  • Not all expenses can be written off on your taxes. Determine which expenses are eligible.
  • It’s important to keep personal and business expenses separate. Use a separate business bank account and credit card for all business transactions.
  • Keep a detailed log of all business-related travel, including the date, destination, purpose, and mileage.
  • It’s always a good idea to consult with a tax professional to make sure you are taking advantage of all available deductions 

Wrap Up

LLC expenses cheat sheet is a valuable tool for LLC owners to manage their finances effectively. It will ensure the long-term success of their business. By having a cheat sheet that outlines all possible expense categories, you ensure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten. This will keep the taxation process clear and hassle-free.

Key Points

  • LLC expenses are the entire cost related to your business.
  • You can write off LLC expenses with a cheat sheet.
  • The cheat sheet will include an entire list of business categories where you can deduct the costing
  • There are formalities to enjoy these write-off offers
  • It would help if you filled up IRS firms to enjoy cheat sheet write-offs
  • To make your own business concentrated cheat sheet, you should know about the business expenses thoroughly
  • Before applying to any category for a write-off, you should check which ones are least necessary for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main expense of a business?

The main expense of a business is typically labor costs, including salaries and wages for employees. Other significant expenses may include inventory, rent, or mortgage payments for the business space, utilities, etc.

Can you write off capital expenditures?

No, your business’ capital expenditures can not be deducted. These costs will include computers, land, furniture, software, and other business-related equipment. 

Can you write off clothing as a business expense?

The IRS does not allow work closets to be written off as a business expense. This is because work clothes can be doubled as street clothes. However, if the work clothes are strictly used for work purposes, they can be written off.

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