how to apply for ein without ssn

How To Apply For EIN Without SSN? (Procedure Explained)

EIN is a unique accumulation of digits that is used for facilitating business. An SSN (Social Security Number) is also a numerical identifier of US citizens or residents. 

Both of them have some additional business benefits. Even if you do not have an SSN, still, you can apply to get an EIN. 

So, you may ask now, “How to apply for EIN without SSN?”. Here I will explain every process of doing it. 

EIN (Employer identification number) is a Federal tax identification number. Usually, this identification number includes nine digits.

This is not a must-have thing to conduct your business. But it will help you run your business smoothly. In case, you want to open a business bank account or hire employees, EIN will help you legally. 

Read here to know when do you need an EIN:

  • An EIN is essential for maintaining your business’s official standing as a legal entity. Such as LLCs, corporations, Partnerships, Sole proprietorships, and Trusts.
  • By obtaining credit under your business’s EIN, you can separate your credit from business credit
  • An EIN is crucial for properly paying and accounting for the wages and payroll of your employees. It allows the IRS to track the employment taxes paid by your business.
  • Banks typically require an EIN to open a business bank account in the name of your business. This separates your personal and business finances, simplifying accounting and ensuring proper record-keeping.
  • An EIN is required when filing tax returns for your business. It helps to differentiate your business from yourself as an individual taxpayer and ensures accurate reporting. This will ultimately balance the wages and profit of your business.

What Is SSN?

SSN stands for “Social Security Number”. It is a nine-digit identification number issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary working residents. 

The US Social Security Administration will issue this to you. The SSN is used for various purposes, including tracking an individual’s lifetime earnings for Social Security benefits, tax purposes, and identity verification.

Is SSN Must To Get An EIN?

There is a big myth that you must need an SSN or TIN to get an EIN. Well, this is not true in all cases. If you are applying online as US resident, they might require a specific SSN or TIN number. 

As a US resident, you must have your SSN and submitting it should not be any issue. In case you are a foreigner, know how to apply for EIN without submitting the SSN.

Let’s learn now below, how can you apply for an EIN without an SSN officially. 

How To Apply For EIN Without SSN?

You can simply avoid the SSN requirement by applying for EIN with the SS-4 form.

Follow here to know how a non-US resident can get an EIN Number:

Step 1: Download the form & read the instructions

First of all, You should download the IRS-provided SS-4 form.

Now, get the instructions set by IRs for the SS-4 form.

Step 2: Fill up the form

Always fill up the SS-4 form in UPPERCASE letters. It will speed up the EIN application form for consideration.

You can simply choose to fill out the form on your computer depending upon the submission process (mentioned in step 3).

Step 3: Submit Your Form

Then decide how you want to apply for the IRS SS-4 form. You will get three options. These are Phone, Mail, and Fax.

Phone: IRS provides a phone number “2679411099” to reach for the SS-4 form. 

You can call anytime from 6 am to 11 pm; every Monday to Friday. Tolls will be applicable for the calls.

Mail: You can simply reach the specific address mentioned in IR instructions. 

You can file the SS-4 form and send it through mail to the specific address.

Address: Internal Revenue Service
Attn: EIN International Operation
Cincinnati, OH 45999

Fax: Get your IRS ss4-4 form and send it to the fax number provided by IRS.

The fax number: 304-707-9471

Faxes are often reviewed faster than mail.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For An EIN Without An SSN?

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a must for anyone who is conducting business as a foreigner. Any non-Us resident can apply for EIN without an SSN. 

Others who are eligible are:

  • Trusts or grantors created under a Will may not always consist of U.S. citizens with a social security number. In order to effectively conduct their operations, these trusts are required to have an EIN.
  • Foreign-owned Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are also required to obtain an EIN.
  • Non-resident aliens, even if they do not possess a social security number.

Do I Need A US Address To Get An EIN?

No, you will not be required to provide a US address to apply or get an EIN. However, having a US address will make the process easier. If you are a foreigner and do not have a US address, go for the SS-4 form. IR SS-4 will be your savior to conduct business with EIN legally in the US. 

The IRS requires a “mailing address” for documentation purposes. You can simply use your business LLC address.

Should I Get My LLC Approved Before Applying For EIN?

Yes, it is a good idea to get your LLC approved before applying for EIN. It is to prevent any complications further.

You might have to submit your LLC approval document. These are stamped Articles of Organization, Certificates of Organization, or Certificates of Formation, alongside your EIN application to the IRS.

The specific name of the LLC approval document can vary based on the state. However, if you get your EIN before your LLC is officially approved, there should be no issues. 

The IRS does not verify the existence of an LLC before issuing an EIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an EIN to import to the USA?

No, you will not require EIN to import to the USA. Instead, you can apply for a “Customer assigned importer number” or CAIN. This will give you legal support and protection as a USA-based importer.

How long does it take to get an EIN without SSN?

This can be anytime from four to five weeks. Once you complete all the legal procedures of submitting the IRS-issued SS-4 form, they will take time to review it. However, if you have an SSN, it can be an instant thing online.

What is the difference between USA TIN and EIN?

TIN and EIN both are required to provide tax-related benefits for a business. The basic difference between them is their use. TINis used for tax-related documents and tax returns. On the contrary, EIN is the tax ID for business entities like LLCs.

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